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SHAUN (AKA KNACKERED KNACKERS) - My Journey into Male Fertility and How It Changed Me
26th August 2021 • Guild of Dads: The Home of Dadprovement • Joe Horton
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Today I speak to Dad of twins Shaun (AKA Knackered Knackers) who is a man who has been on a remarkable journey of fertility and who is sharing his experience with other men to make a difference to the lives of others through sharing the trials and tribulations of male fertility.

We all assume that we will be able to conceive naturally when the time comes for but 1000's of men and women all over the world, what should be a simple biological event can't take place for whatever reason. What follows is a journey of ups, downs, highs and lows that most of us with kids can't imagine.

In my conversation with Shaun we discuss:

  • How catching mumps when he was younger meant he went through much of his adult life completely oblivious to the the impact it would later have on his fertility.
  • The painful procedures both he and his wife had to go through in order to detect whether he still had any fertility at all and his wife then having to have fertility treatment.
  • The grieving process he went through as he came to terms with being infertile but the way in which he began to see life differently through the simple act of surrendering to what had happened.
  • How the ups and downs of the experience have shaped the man he has now become and why it's so important to him to help other men in the same position as he was go through the process.
  • Why there is so little help for men going through infertility and the manner in which life changing medical news is broken to us.

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