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Kathi Kulesza – Leading with Assertive Confidence
Episode 151st August 2022 • Becoming Preferred • Michael Vickers
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Episode Overview:

The leaders and organizations who are emerging from the pandemic successfully have prepared for an uncertain future and have the confidence to overcome any challenge or obstacle in their path. Covid is the Great Reset. You can leverage the Covid Reset to drive your business forward, redefine your vision and outperform your competition. To help us navigate the new normal, our guest Kathi Kulesza will share her insights and strategies to inspire confident apology free leadership for your business or organization. Join me now with my conversation with leadership expert, author, speaker & coach Kathi Kulesza!

Guest Bio: 

Kathi uses her experience in the hospitality industry where she spent three decades in management, training, customer service, loyalty, marketing, and executive leadership, to inspire her clients and audiences to get out of their own way and lead with assertive confidence. Kathi has a Bachelors in Hotel Administration from UNLV, and she is a certified coach.

Kathi has shared life-changing lessons with up-and-coming leaders at 500 plus in-person and virtual events. She understands the challenges you and your team face as you attempt to obtain a sense of normalcy and can help you navigate these uncertain times.

Kathi’s unique approach will ensure your team will gain a renewed confidence in themselves and have an achievable action plan that will both stretch them and leverage their strengths.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

09:53 Confidence comes from one of two places

15:00 Women in the workplace and in leadership have made all leaders better

19:02 The definition of assertiveness

22:26 Be an apology free leader.....Shut up and listen

26:23 Do an inventory of all of your successes, skills and abilities

27:34 The Victory file

28:23 Acknowledging yourself daily and I Am Statements

30:25 I Am statement for entrepreneurs

33:00 Pushing through the fear

34:34 Failure is on the journey to success

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