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#54 – FIELD REPORT: Rebuilding Authentic Confidence| Treg Manning
Episode 5422nd February 2022 • Rise Leaders Radio • LeeAnn Mallory
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“Respect yourself, respect others – respect the people you're working with. When you have those two ingredients, that will drive authentic communication among you and will be a part of your everyday working environment.” – Treg Manning

Wholehearted Leadership

When Treg reached out to me for leadership coaching, he was facing what he referred to as a crisis of confidence. Trust had been breached on his team and as a result hard decisions had to be made and big shifts occurred. It was not pretty. He knew that it would take hard work to turn things around and he put himself 100% into it. Wholeheartedly.

Treg responded with one of the most amazing examples of leadership and vulnerability that I have witnessed.

He discusses how it felt that day he laid everything on the table. Open Kimono. He also shares his philosophy on leadership and how horsemanship boosts his leadership effectiveness and life balance.

Honest, open communication for everyone

[22:56] “It can be painful to hear what [my team has] to say sometimes…but because of that, the loyalty that they have to the organization, and that we have towards each other, is probably the strongest of any environment organization I've ever been a part of.”

Horsemanship and Leadership

[29:33] “You have to build a bond with that horse – and you have to expect that they're going to test you, and then you have to respond in the positive way so that they respect you as a leader, but not respond too harshly, cannot be too emotional. You have to be very professional and respectful in that relationship.”

Treg explains you need to earn trust with a horse, and the process is a great model of reactive versus creative leadership.

Empathy leads to excellence

[36:53] “There needs to be empathy and trust built … because you won't get the best out of somebody until those walls come down. And then, when you're able to bring those walls down, and there's a trusting environment, you're going to see people shine like you've never seen them shine before.”

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