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EWS027: Telling your Family Stories through Video
Episode 274th December 2017 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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In this episode, I chat with Luke Brown. Luke is the founder of Our Family Film School, an online community that teaches everyday people how to shoot and edit amazing videos with their mobile devices. Luke's worked in Video & Multimedia Production for over 15 years on everything from TV commercials and short films, to filming huge corporate events and conferences and even sketch comedy. 

But the videos he's most proud of are the videos he created with my kids. They’re not fancy videos shot on expensive equipment, they’re simple, but they tell their story and will always remind them of what the kids were like when they where little.

In this episode:

  • How Luke's passion for comedy got him into storytelling
  • How technology has made it so easy to capture video of our family
  • The issue of having content on our devices, but not doing anything with it
  • Thinking about the content you are capturing and what you're doing with it
  • If you don't do something with the content, you will eventually not be able to watch it
  • How to use story to make engaging content
  • The importance of thinking about your audience when recording content
  • Having a plan makes it easier to create story videos
  • The technology and Apps available to use make it easy
  • Top 3 tips to create better videos with our phones
  • How using storytelling in this way will impact storytelling in business
  • Recommendations to ensure we don't lose digital media

Links mentioned in the show:

Our Family Film School website

Our Family Film School course

Luke Brown LinkedIn

Our Family Film School Instagram

Our Family Film School Facebook Page


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