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Freelancing for Journalists - Lily Canter and Emma Wilkinson EPISODE 13, 26th August 2020
Disability: barriers, opportunities and tackling prejudice
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Disability: barriers, opportunities and tackling prejudice

In this episode we discuss the challenges of working as a freelance journalist whilst living with a disability. We talk candidly to freelance writer Lydia Wilkins, who is on the autistic spectrum, and sports broadcaster Gemma Stevenson, who was diagnosed with dystonia following a car accident.

Our guests talk passionately about tackling prejudice, overcoming physical and mental barriers and making the most of opportunities.

The guests:

Lydia Wilkins

Twitter: @Journo_Lydia

Blog: https://mademoisellewomen.com/

Newsletter: https://lydia.substack.com/

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Gemma Stevenson

Twitter: @gstevensonsport

Website: https://www.gemmalouisestevenson.com/

The Constant Cheerleader podcast: https://www.gemmalouisestevenson.com/podcast


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Disability rights under 2010 Equality Act: https://www.gov.uk/browse/disabilities/rights

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Thomas Read Bursary:


Ableism: https://metro.co.uk/2020/02/11/what-does-being-ableist-mean-12221655/

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