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RR 350: Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg on Building Relationships One Transaction at a Time. The Power of CRM.
3rd August 2018 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Carrie-Lynn Rodenberg, the owner of Turnkey Marketing, founded her boutique marketing firm after moving from New York where she was in charge of the direct response marketing for a 10 BILLION dollar company (Emblem Health).  She went on to be the Director of Marketing and won the 2nd place Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer Of The Year Award.

Carrie-Lynn graduated from the University of Virginia, which is considered a “Public Ivy League University” and is one of the top 25 universities in the United States. She is a hard charger that is a total marketing nerd. Most weekends you can find her reading books on business and marketing, playing with her two dogs Paxton and Charlotte, or volunteering at church. She and her husband/business partner, James, live in the Kansas City Metro.

Turnkey Marketing was founded on the principle that all work done well is important. The work done in the aftermarket automotive industry is important – it keeps us and our cars safe, and lets us live with much more freedom.

Carrie-Lynn says “Turnkey Marketing exists to help shops effectively communicate in their community, with their customers, and potential customers, all the good work they do so that your repair shop can be known as the trusted, “go-to” shop in your area”. Turnkey Marketing does this by providing cutting-edge marketing that actually works and increases car count.

Turnkey Marketing is a family owned and operated “one-stop-shop” boutique marketing firm that does everything from social media campaigns to providing the professional shop an entire marketing department. Find her previous episodes HERE.

Key Talking Points:

  • Social media-loving on your customer
  • CRM- Customer Relationship Management
    • What is goal? Connect and build a relationship with your customer
    • Market to the customer so they feel connected, follow up with new customers and existing customers
    • Providing value to what each customer values- Example: Mom driving to Disney with kids needs car safe
    • Get personal with customers- Generic email blasts reminding customers about oil changes and writing reviews isn’t providing value
  • Loving your customer
    • Fresh content that helps the customer, establish yourself as the expert- Picture of high temp thermometer during summer marketing air conditioning
    • Use multiple platforms to reach every customer- Social media, postcards, email etc
  • Essentially, we need to completely SHIFT  the way we think about CRMs – it’s not about the “CRM software”, it’s ALL about marketing to your database – about “LOVING ON” your current customers and getting them to come back in general and come back more often.
  • Shop owners do not want to think about their CRM, but they must pay attention to the kind and type of content that is being sent out.
    • You need a strategy for your CRM content.
    • Possibly a This Then That strategy.
    • Content must be about loving the customer; be personal.
  • What is good content?
    • Have the customer in mind, conversational
    • Most customers will not be able to grasp the technical side of the car, instead write to their needs
    • 75% of decision-makers are women. Do they care about technical lingo?
    • Safety, reliability, family, seasonal, weather
    • Fresh, Tips, Tricks
    • Not just service reminders.
    • Stay in front every month.
  • Don’t let your customer go cold, keep in touch with them.
  • A good CRM knows where the customer is in their journey with your company.
    • Make your content personal
  • Loyalty is built one transaction at a time.
    • There is no guarantee that a customer will come back.
    • They are getting bombarded by competitors every day.
  • Be careful with Texts. They work well inside a DVI or in bay process but not include in content marketing.
    • Texts can be a two-way street. You may get texts back from your customer.
    • Certain software can reply to your customer texts.
  • Direct Mail is expensive. Find out when is a good time and have great content.
  • Find a CRM that does a lot of work for you and looks like you wrote it.
    • It should have texting, email and postcards.
    • Texting Millennials is important.
    • Follow up on a recent visit.
  • A good marketing company has great content and will offer a great strategy for your company.
    • They must look ahead and create a broad stroke plan for you.
    • You don’t need to babysit them.

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