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How to Use Survivor Bias to Your Advantage – PEM0052
Episode 5226th May 2022 • Podcast Editors Mastermind • Bryan Entzminger, Carrie Caulfield Arick, Daniel Abendroth, Jennifer Longworth
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How do you make decisions about what's possible or the right thing to do? Do you look for examples of success to the exclusion of contrary information? That's Survivor Bias. And it's all over in the podcasting space. I mean, if we didn't think we could be Joe Rogan, would we even try?  Hopefully. But the downside of Survivor Bias is that it's possible we might toil for years on the faulty assumption that something's possible. Or that the way it's always been done is the right way to do it. But that if that's not the case? What if we guide our clients based on faulty information? Listen as we explore the concept of Survivor Bias and how it can affect us, our businesses, and our clients. We don't claim to know the answers, but we want to ask the questions because we want to see you, ourselves, and our collective clients succeed. We stream live to our Facebook Page every other week. 

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