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The Optimistic Advocate - Scott Bryant-Comstock EPISODE 6, 16th July 2020
Melanie Funchess - A Personal Journey Through Advocacy
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Melanie Funchess - A Personal Journey Through Advocacy

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Our guest for this episode is Melanie Funchess, out of Rochester, New York. Melanie is an advocates advocate. She directs community engagement for the Mental Health Association in Rochester. A large part of her work is to make connections with diverse communities, bringing them together, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the fabric of services and supports that are provided to the good people of Rochester.

Now that's pretty impressive in and of itself, but her history as an advocate goes all the way back to childhood. And today we're going to learn about that history. We're going to take a deep dive into who Melanie Funchess is, how she got into this work, and what motivates her to do the advocacy work she does.