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The Buzz - iHub Network 23rd May 2020
The Buzz - Episode 27
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The Buzz - Episode 27

Jocelyn speaks this week to experts on Cannabis odor, which is an important issue for everyone whether they are in the industry or simply live in an area that allows commercial cannabis activity. 

First, we talk to Derek Stucki, an odor consultant with Cannabusters www.thecannabusters.com. Derek explains some of the science behind cannabis odor, and then speaks about how his product could be helpful in fighting the virus COVID 19. Next we check in with Veronica Goedhart, the Director of Palm Springs’ Office of Special Program Compliance https://www.palmspringsca.gov/government/departments/special-program-compliance/cannabis-related-business-and-activities about how the city of Palm Springs handles odor complaints from residents and the future for more cannabis businesses coming to Palm Springs in teh wake of available space after the pandemic subsides .