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How to Create a Leadership Culture [THA 322]
Episode 3226th April 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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How do you create a leadership culture within a business? Mike Davidson, Bryan Rogers and Josh Steinhert emphasize the importance of a positive atmosphere and culture in a shop and provide practical advice on developing leadership skills. This episode provides valuable insights and recommendations for shop owners and managers looking to improve employee satisfaction and overall success.

Mike Davidson, Parkway Automotive, Little Rock, AR. You can reach Mike at Listen to Mike’s other episodes HERE.

Also Mike's Leadership Website HERE.

Bryan Rogers, Sun Automotive, General Manager

Josh Steinhert, Sun Automotive, Assistant General Manager

Show Notes:

  • Watch Full Video: HERE
  • Testimonial of Sun Automotive [00:04:57] Bryan Rogers and Josh Steinhardt talk about their positive experience working at Sun Automotive and how Craig Noel, the owner, has created a great culture.
  • Questions to develop a leadership culture [00:06:19] Carm Capriotto asks questions to help listeners develop a leadership culture in their business, such as daily behaviors that promote leadership and how to create a safe environment for people to talk.
  • Single question to begin creating a leadership culture [00:08:08] Mike Davidson suggests a single question that shop owners can ask their staff to begin the process of creating a leadership culture: "What's it like to be on the other side of me?"
  • Leadership exercise [00:09:05]
  • Positive attitude [00:09:39] Sharing feedback from employees about positive attitude
  • Listening skills [00:11:18] The importance of being quiet and listening when someone asks you a question.
  • Emotional control [00:12:20]
  • Leadership and Listening [00:12:47] Mike Davidson discusses the importance of listening as a behavior that creates a safe environment for employees to share their thoughts and needs.
  • Behaviors that Promote a Leadership Culture [00:14:38] Mike Davidson asks Josh and Brian about behaviors that promote a leadership culture, and Bryan shares the importance of spreading praise and accolades among the team.
  • Continuous Improvement [00:16:32] Brian Rogers talks about how Sun Automotive stays at the top of its game by not getting complacent and constantly striving for excellence through collaboration and feedback.
  • Leadership System [00:16:57] Developing a system to respond to reviews and feedback to impact the staff.
  • Daily Behaviors for Leadership Culture [00:17:24] Setting the tone at the top, leading by example, practicing what you preach, having passion and desire, and challenging yourself and coworkers.
  • Dealing with Mistakes [00:19:46] Learning from mistakes, being supportive, and letting the person know it's not the end of the world.
  • Technician's Mistake [00:21:07] A mistake made by a technician in estimating the cost of a brake job and how the team dealt with it.
  • Empowerment [00:23:45] The importance of empowering employees and giving them opportunities for growth, rather than just delegating tasks.
  • Design, Develop, and Maintain a Leadership Environment [00:24:33] How the team designs, develops and maintains a leadership culture, including leading by example and being all-inclusive.
  • Leading by Example [00:27:30] Bryan Rogers shares his experience of leading by example and asking for feedback to solve problems.
  • Visual Voice [00:29:58] Mike Davidson explains the concept of visual voice and how leaders are always on stage, creating a lasting impression on their team.
  • Design, Development, and Maintenance of Leadership Environments [00:30:43] Discussion on creating a structured environment, developing action plans, and updating processes to maintain a leadership culture.
  • Vision and Behavior in Creating Culture [00:31:46] The importance of vision and behavior in creating a culture, with examples from Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy.
  • Work Family Environment [00:33:18] The concept of a work family environment and the importance of connectivity with family, with a discussion on the difference between home and work strengths.
  • Leadership and Work-Life Balance [00:35:13]Keeping a positive and connected work environment
  • Leading Yourself [00:37:08] The importance of leading yourself, taking care of your health, and working on yourself to be able to give your best at work and home.
  • Book Recommendations [00:38:48] Speaker 2 recommends "Leading Through the Turn" by Elise Mitchell, "Multipliers" by Liz Wiseman, and "The Eighth Habit" by Stephen Covey, and "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" by John Maxwell.
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