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Episode 242: What Kindness Can Do – Interview Peter Mutabazi – Part 1
Episode 2425th April 2023 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 242: What Kindness Can Do - Interview Peter Mutabazi - Part 1

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast

Today’s story, “What Kindness Can Do,” starts out with the story of Peter Mutabazi.

Here's a clip from his book:

“The vine came down on me so fast I did not have time to duck. It ripped across my right arm and burned like fire. “You worthless piece of….” my father yelled as he swung the vine around like a bullwhip. I spun around to protect my face. “Don’t you turn away from me,” He grabbed my shoulder with his left hand, turned me around, and brought the vine down across my neck and chest. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my aunts, uncles, and cousins running out of their houses. They had come, not to stop my father, but to watch. Nyabikoni was a very small village. This passed for entertainment.”

Peter Mutabazi joins me today, to share his story of his life in Uganda, his brave escape from an abusive father at 10 years old, his subsequent life as a child living on the streets struggling daily to stay alive, and the fortuitous meeting of a man who would change Peter’s life, and in so doing change the lives his siblings, their children, and all the children Peter now helps as a foster parent.

Tune in for my talk with the author of “Now I am Known.”

Peter believes that every child and every person deserves to be known. He has dedicated his life to advocating for children and youth. Peter grew up feeling unheard and unseen. He knows what it feels like to believe you do not matter at all in the world. He also knows what it feels like to slowly come out of that, one small step at a time.

Join us on the audio program to hear his story...

“When I was ten years old, I’d given up on life.”


“When James saw the good in me, I wasn’t very good at doing that myself. Not just with myself but with everyone. I expected the worst in people, and I usually managed to find it. Even today I must intentionally choose to look beyond behaviors and external circumstances and see the humanity within.” 


“When a foster child moves from an abusive situation to a peaceful household, they feel like they’ve landed on an alien planet. When you find yourself in that place, all you want to do is go back to a familiar place, even if that home is hell. Hurting people do not deserve judgement. They need understanding They need patience. They need love. They need grace.”

Tune in to hear about his story, his book, his work and see if it doesn't leave you with a little shock and awe.

Peter’s story speaks for itself - What can kindness do? It can change an entire life and in so doing change many, many more lives.

To Contact Peter or buy your own copy of Now I Am Known:


LinkedIn: in/PeterMutabazi

As we close today’s show let’s think about where we can give a little more kindness. How can we give grace, patience, forgiveness, support. That’s going to look a little different for everyone, but take a moment and identify what that means for you. 

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Review Title: This podcast rocks

“I love this podcast, it forever changed my life. One of the hottest upcoming podcasts and everyone should listen.”

Amen brother.

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