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New 2018 Spring Garden Journal from the Organic Gardener Podcast Available!
31st March 2018 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Did you get your Spring Garden Journal yet?

Many many of my guests have said keeping detailed notes of their garden journey is one of the biggest keys to their success. Recording frost dates, planting dates, seed variety, harvest dates, etc has helped them know how to be the most productive gardeners they can be.

Why Journal?

Having a journal to keep all of these things in one place is essential to remembering what you did because no matter how much you think I won’t forget this I guarantee you, you will want to know exactly what day you put those seeds in the ground or transplanted those starts or if you’re a Cricket Farmer like James Rollins, what day they should be expected to hatch!

Hey everyone the 2018 Spring Garden Journal is now live on Amazon!

A place to record your garden journey, keep your garden data all in one place!

What are you growing, cooking, eating, preserving?

Mandy Gerth talked about how they set their goal to grow the same amount of produce with 20% less labor. How would you know what that would look like if you don’t have a record of how many pounds of potatoes or cauliflower you harvested the year before?

I think it’s better to support the Organic Gardener Podcast by buying a book but we do have a Patreon page if you would like to support us there. Also I’d like to remind you to reach out to your local community radio and ask if they’d like to share the Organic Gardener Podcast on their station with your neighbors.

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Hey did I tell you about this new podcast called Teaching  Jasmin How to Cook Vegan!

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