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EVM053 Storytelling and Brain Science with Clare Edwards
Episode 5316th July 2018 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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In this episode, we engage in conversation with Clare Edwards, a facilitator, speaker, coach and author, to explore the power of storytelling and understand the neuroscience behind why they are so effective in moving people to take action.

Clare has spent many years in the corporate sector in various management positions and now is focused on helping others to achieve their potential. She works with individuals in times of change through emotional and behavioural excellence, storytelling and mindfulness.

Clare’s book “A Sprinkling of Magic” is a short workbook for communicators and educators that deeply explores the power of storytelling.


In this episode

  • Clare’s story and 3 pivotal events that led her to pursue her passion for communication and the brain
  • The work Clare does for clients who are not in the storytelling industry
  • How the brain works when using story to engage
  • Using story in workshops and speaking engagements
  • Making listeners active participants in storytelling and the effect it has on them
  • How people associate their experiences with the stories you tell
  • An example of Clare’s experience and how she uses it to engage and deliver a message using story
  • Explanation of how the brain works when engaging with stories and how we can use it in business
  • Lessons we can learn to be able to tell more purposeful, vulnerable and effective stories
  • Interviews as a great and natural way to find stories that are within in you
  • How people struggle with stories and ways & examples of how to overcome it
  • Video as a powerful tool to tell stories and the science behind how the brain responds to it
  • Effects of video versus written messages in the business setting


Links mentioned in the show

Website - A Sprinkling of Magic

  • 20% Discount Code: magic
  • First 3 Chapters of A Sprinkling of Magic

Website - Brain Smart


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