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Episode 16: Talking Real Life Lighsabers, Content Creation, and Future Projects with The Hacksmith
12th May 2022 • Innovation Tech Talks • Innovation & Tech Today
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On today’s episode of Innovation Tech Talks, Staff Writer Aron Vaughan chats with James Hobson, also known as the Hacksmith. Hobson started Hacksmith Industries with the intention of bringing comic book, movie, and video game concepts to life. Since his first major build – an exoskeleton from the 2013 sci-fi move Elysium, Hobson has created some of the most well-known gadgets and weapons in comic book lore including Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s magnetic shield, and even a working retractable proto-saber.

His social media presence has skyrocketed since his early videos, amassing over 12.4 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

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