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DR ANNA MACHIN - The Evolution of Dad
17th February 2021 • Guild of Dads: The Home of Dadprovement • Joe Horton
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I am joined by Evolutionary Anthropologist, Writer and Broadcaster and of course, Mum Dr Anna Machin

With the roles of Dads changing from what they were in our parents generation and even more rapidly in the last 12 months during the Covid-19 pandemic never has there been such change a foot for Dads and their perception within society. However from an evolutionary and biological point of view there are some pretty incredible things that happen under the bonnet which underline just how important Dads are to the role of fatherhood.

In my conversation with Anna we discuss:

  • The inspiration behind her own book, research and the traumatic experience her husband witnessed during Anna giving birth.
  • How evolution has ensured that Mum's and Dads have evolved biologically in order to compliment one another in raising children
  • The part 500,000 years of evolution plays in how we raise children
  • The crossroad Dads now find themselves at in terms of work, lifestyle and society.
  • The amazing hormonal changes that take place when men become Dads and the changes that occur when Dads bond with Mum's and their children

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