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Why A Strong Body Makes A Strong Mind
Episode 366th April 2022 • ENCUENTRAS YOUR VOICE • Consuelo Crosby
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Why A Strong Body Makes A Strong Mind

How often are you do you feel hesitant to try something new? Do you second guess yourself and begin to doubt you can do it?

This week, Consuelo describes how developing a strong body, step by step, can build a strong mind. The body and mind are inseparable and make great life partners. And just like partners, the body and mind rely on each other to move towards a chosen destiny. Learn how some simple literal steps can begin to develop strength and overcome hesitation and doubt

  • Physical Strength Can Ease Your Mind
  • How to Develop Mental Endurance
  • Silvia Vasquez Lavado - 7 Summits Climber
  • Train Your Mind to Train Your Body

Consuelo is a first gen Peruvian, structural engineer and mother who encourages women, especially women of color, to disregard conformity so their true personalities and talents will make this world a sassy musical rather than a monologue. Viva!

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