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My Bible Study - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 27
Genesis Chapter Six Verses 2-3
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Genesis Chapter Six Verses 2-3

We already saw Satan entering the realm of animals and showing up indwelling a snake in the Garden. Now, Satan plans to move in to the bodies of males and then to marry beautiful women and to produce children. This would be a demon-dominated union, and a demon-dominated family.

Notice the word usage in Genesis 6:2. "he sons of God “saw” the daughters to be “attractive” (or good) and they “took.” Does that sound familiar? This parallels what happened in the Garden. In Genesis 3:5. Eve “saw that the fruit was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and she took and ate.

We can see that the demons and Satan are sticking to a playbook that has been proven to work. They simply run the same play from the fall! The lust this time is not fruit, but the bodies of beautiful women that the sons of God “saw” and took for themselves.

The picture is one of unmitigated lust. The word “took” does not suggest forced marriage or rape. This is a word that means a regular marriage union. One commentator observes that the “silence on the part of the ‘daughters’ may well reflected a willing complicity."

Notice that God’s response is toward man and not to the demons. God has a judgment for the demons, but man is accountable for allowing themselves to get this far. We will come back to the 120 years part here, but notice that God does not allow sin to go unchecked forever. 

But notice here that all of this happened as mankind slipped from seeking God and in the end, they end up seeking demons. Footholds of Satan can become strongholds. 

A foothold is simply giving Satan "space" to work in your life.

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