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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker 12th April 2018
211 Regenerative Biology | Combinatorial Biologics – Pastor
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211 Regenerative Biology | Combinatorial Biologics – Pastor

 Regenerative Biology - Cellular Combinatorial Biologics

Ira Pastor - CEO – Bioquark Inc. The biologic regulatory states of our cells, tissues, and organs represent the central control processes behind our health (as well as our unfortunate transition towards disease, degeneration, and aging). His work at Bioquark focuses on these critical biomedical issues.

Merging 21st-century knowledge of regenerative biology, evolutionary genomics, and bio-cybernetics, Bioquark’s core program focuses on developing a novel class of substances termed combinatorial biologics, which take a unique approach to reversing underlying disease, degeneration or aging processes, as opposed to only affecting the symptoms of such conditions.

His Brief Bio:

"Over 30 years of experience across multiple sectors of the pharmaceutical industry including pharmaceutical commercialization, biotech drug development, managed care, distribution, OTC, and retail; Served as VP, Business Development for drug development company Phytomedics Inc., raising $40 million of private equity, consummating over $50 million of licensing deals, and bringing lead drug candidate from discovery stage to Phase III development; Prior to that, employed by SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals working in sales, marketing, and business strategy positions."

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His Perspective & Background

"We currently live on a planet with other organisms that from a health and wellness perspective, are much further advanced than human beings.

Many lower organisms can replace lost or damaged organs and tissues that are identical in structure and function to the original, effortlessly regenerating a wide variety of living tissues, including spinal cords, limbs, hearts, eyes, and even parts of their brains.

Similarly, many of these same species possess fascinating skills for repairing and reversing the cellular and genetic damage. Cancer, as an example, is found to be extremely rare in species displaying an efficient regenerative mechanism, even under the action of potent carcinogens. In many cases, when cancer does occur, tumors have been found to remodel and integrate into their surroundings spontaneously, as healthy tissue.

Some of these organisms can age, and then return to a youthful state later on in life. Some can even die and be reborn."

Join us the hear about the varieties of compelling searches for new healing options.

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