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Reaching Millennials Today – Desiree Reed pt 2
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Reaching Millennials Today – Desiree Reed pt 2

Reaching Millennials Today

Desiree Reed pt 2

Do you have a business, ministry or church that is struggling to reach the young people of society? The “Millennial Generation?”

You may have an established business or ministry that has been successful. You’ve done well. But you noticed your clients, customers or congregations is about as old as you are. You can remember when you were the “hot new thing” that would appeal to all age groups.

But now, you notice the younger generation is going elsewhere. And you struggle to remain relevant in whatever it is you are doing. You know you need to reach the millennials. You just are not sure of “how” to do that.

You past marketing efforts are not achieving the results you want or need. It seems like the young people today speak an entirely different language. How can you catch their attention and market share? How can you let them know that you can help them?

Well, to give us some insight into marketing to the millennial generation, I’ve invited Desiree Reed to come on the program. Desiree has a brand messaging and copyright business that does just that, reached the millennial generation. Her website is called “5 Seconds to Impress” at www.5secondstoimpress.com.

I am so excited to hear what she has to say about this growing market segment that is virtually untapped, but ready for whatever it is you can do to help them, grow them and market to their potential. On her website, Desiree gives a statistic that the Millennial Generation accounts for more than, get this, 3 TRILLION dollars in spending power!

So, how can a business or ministry create a brand that reaches across the age demographics? How can they continue to serve their current customer base but then, also, tap into the millennial market segment?

You have a 5 Step Branding Messaging Blueprint. Can you explain that to us and walk us through it?

  1. Understand your mission, message and purpose.

Is this for the overall business operation or specifically for the millennial generation? How our business could relate to that market segment?

  1. Identify your audience.

Do you mean “millennial’s” or should that be rather specific like, “Millennial’s who like to go to the beach?”

  1. Nailing what you need to say.

You are talking about the sales pitch? Or something else?

  1. Making a connection.

We’ve been taught that we need to find common ground with a potential client. I used to be in sales and as I would walk into a home, I’d see pictures of, obviously, grand-children and I’d comment on the picture and ask “How wonderful grandkids are” and talk about mine and get them to talk about theirs. Making that connection.

How can we make a connection with millennials when we are not of the same generation? What could we have in common with them?

  1. Growing a loyal tribe.

That is basically, once they are a client, keep them as a client. Offer freebies and things like that to maintain their loyalty?

Desiree, this all sounds so fantastic. I know I’ve been banging my head against a proverbial wall in trying to figure out if and how to reach this millennial generation. I’ve learned some things today and I believe our listeners have as well. I sure I will have some questions as I continue to go through this – and I’m sure our listeners will as well, also.

If someone wants to get in touch with you, to ask a question, get your “Millennial Messaging Session” or perhaps they want to reach out to you for an interview such as this…how can they do that? How can they get in touch with you?

Folks, you do realize that the Baby Boomer generation is fading away. Most are retired or entering retirement. The generation X, Y and Z’s are all getting older. The Millennial Generation are the ones now entering the scene. The future belongs to them. They are in need of learning what you can do for them. That is our purpose: to pass on concepts, strategies and lessons we learned, not only from those that came before us, but lessons we learned along the way as well.

The millennial generation will be the emerging market segment for the current and into the next then generation of consumers in America. They will be starting families soon, running businesses, entering government – and they need YOU.

They need your wisdom. They need your expertise. They need to learn from YOU. They need whatever Spiritual Wisdom you can impart to them. I guarantee, Jesus loves them just as much as He loves you. So your church needs to reach them as well as your business. Amen!

Reach out to Desiree today. Get in touch with her. See if she can help you shape your message, whether business or ministry related, to reach this emerging Millennial Generation. They are just now really starting to come into play in the marketing segment. Everything up until now has been them just getting started. This is the time for them to really enter and impact the marketing scene. And YOU need to be on the forefront of this market segment if you want to be successful over the next 10, 15 or even 20 years.

So, go down below and click the links to get in touch with Desiree Reed today. Ask her some questions and see how she can help you to develop the brand and the message to reach this market segment.


Email:  desiree@5secondstoimpress.com

Website: https://5secondstoimpress.com