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How to use video to build your brand and your audience with Mimika Cooney
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How to use video to build your brand and your audience with Mimika Cooney



Mimika Cooney is a Visibility Specialist. She teaches entrepreneurs how to brand themselves and build their audiences using video. Mimika has always been drawn to media. From learning photography, writing 2 books about building photography businesses and then even hosting her own TV show, to sharing her media knowledge with others, she’s completely saturated in media.

Mimika is originally from South Africa, but spent some time living in England and finally in the UK. She started her own business and re-started her business with each move. She’s become an expert at rebranding herself, and allowing her businesses to grow with her through each iteration. Mimika’s here today to share some of her best tips to bring us out of the shadows and in front of the camera – it freaks me out just thinking about it!


“You don’t give birth to an adult. Your business is your baby, so treat it that way.”
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Where would you like to retire?

The beach always calls me, so even though I don’t plan on retiring, if I did , I would be at the beach.

What is your schedule like?

Stay at home mom running a photo studio from my home. Now that all of my children are of school age, I feel like the world has totally changed and I  have twice the amount of time during the day to devote to my business. On Wed and  Thurs I do my own Blab interview show. Other days, I batch chunks of similar tasks.

What did you do before and then how did you rebrand?

In South Africa, I graduated from high school and chose not to go to college. I threw myself into working and did TV production. I eventually moved to England where my Mother and sister lived. I moved, had a baby and re-started my business in the new location. That was a lot of transition in one year!

I went back to night school to learn photography. I created my own photography studio in my home. A few years later, we had the chance to move to the US with my husband’s internet business. So we moved again and we both set our businesses back up in the US. Now that I was starting over, I knew exactly who my audience was and how I wanted to serve them.

I have always loved media and even at one point was able to host my own live show on local TV. This prepared me for my video business. Now I do coaching and consulting for video marketing and branding. I have written 2 books about setting up a photography business.

What lessons can you share about building a network of likeminded individuals?

You need to know yourself before you can put yourself out there. Break your work into small chunks and take it from there. Your business is your baby, so nurture it and as you grow, it will grow too.

Be original and do what is comfortable to you. You do the world and yourself a disservice if you aren’t true to yourself.

“Comparison really is the thief of joy.”
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How can someone get comfortable in front of the camera?

I have been teaching my  “Confident Video” course for 2 years. People have such issues with being confident in front of the camera, so it’s a universal feeling that we have to overcome. You can make wonderful video on today’s iPhones or even DSLR cameras.

Start with video by telling your story. Just turn on your iPhone and start talking about why you are doing why you are doing.

Tips to get started on video:

  1. Get something to stabilize your shot – like a table top tripod
  2. Use good lighting – natural light is cheap and abundant – turn around and face a window and have the camera at eye level.
  3. You can have good sound quality with your iPhone or even a cheap lavalier mic.
  4. Keep your clothing and background simple and clutter free.

You can get tips on lighting, camera positions and backgrounds at mimikacooney.com/periscope

Blab or Periscope to get to your audience?

Figure out where your audience is first of all.

Periscope is designed for streaming from your phone. It’s a monologue teaching platform. You have to solicit responses.

It’s great to position yourself as an expert when you have a lot of content

Blab – it’s almost replaced Google Hangouts. The desktop version is best.

You can have up to 4 people on a Blab. You can open up a hotseat and let a listener come in and ask questions.

Grab your name right now.

It’s a great way to grow your business and grow your list.


Answers from the Lightning Round:

Trophy on your mantle?

Pictures of my kids!

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Having a long nap on a Sunday afternoon

What are you reading?

On audio – Elon Musk’s new book  and  Ask by Ryan Levesque

One productivity hack?

Use Meet Edgar to automate posts for FB, LinkedIn, Twitter. So I only have to respond to people’s comments.

Personal Motto?

Live life to the fullest and be brave.

What Would You Do differently?

I don’t believe in regrets. Life experiences are like a pebbles and we can either pick up the pebbles and carry them around on our backs, or we can recognize the lessons and toss the pebble behind us so that others can follow in your path. I choose to create a path for others, rather than let the lessons weigh me down.

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