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Issue #216: Downsides of Living in the Future, Sustainable and Enjoyable Retirements, & Why You Should Upgrade Your Mask
Bonus Episode5th February 2021 • Important, Not Important • Important, Not Important
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This week: The economic choices that have led us to a climate breaking point (and why the last year has prepared us to do something about it better than before, if we take action); what it will take to live a sustainable AND actually enjoyable retirement; using to call your rep about supporting equitable new climate legislation and putting your money in Betterment’s Socially Responsible Investing; why the vaccine rollout is going so slow, why it needs to go significantly faster to effectively stop the spread of COVID-19, and how you can help even if you can’t get the vaccine yet; and learning more about the connection between our brain and out gut microbiome.

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