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Balance Shared - Michelle Lasley EPISODE 33, 7th April 2021
Make Stress Work for You, a Conversation with La-Dana Manhertz

Make Stress Work for You, a Conversation with La-Dana Manhertz

Introduction to Episode

La-Dana Manhertz will make stress work for you. In this episode we dial into how stress affects the body AND how to get your control back.

Podcast Episode Summary

La-Dana and I talked for quite awhile about how stress looks, what you get when you work with La-Dana, and how stress really affects the body. La-Dana shares her steady wealth of knowledge of how the body works, how the stress hormones affect our bodies and decision making, and she shares tangible steps on how we can take back control of these situations, so we can make stress work for us. 

Two important tips La-Dana brought to our conversation are: 

  1. See and affirm your work 
  2. Focus on on why you are doing something, not the how

She brings all her wisdom, especially as she walks with and through her own motherhood journey as she found her passion in helping other women get control of their stressful days. 

Take a listen and truly learn to Let It Go (like Elsa says). 


“Stress builds up one activity at a time.” 

“If you make decision in survival mode, you will make rash decisions.”

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