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033: Leadership Strategy and Execution Management
Episode 3318th January 2021 • Leadership Jam Session • Rob Fonte
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In this Jam Session, I sit with Monte Pedersen. Monte is a seasoned executive and leader in the area of strategy, execution, and operations. Monte’s leadership consultancy has a unique value proposition where he specializes in helping senior leaders and organizations achieve their initiatives through the process of strategy execution management.

Key Takeaways:

  • As a senior leader, you need to continue to carry the vision of the organization. You're responsible for making sure that everybody knows what you're trying to achieve
  • Be the Chief Repetition Officer, i.e., repeat what it is you want your people to do. It’s not micromanaging. It’s just making sure people understand what you need done. They may get sick of it, but you know they're certainly not going to forget it
  • Don’t make assumptions that a manager comes on board already knowing what to do and how and how to execute
  • Meet with direct reports every 30 days to go through their goals, their responsibilities, how they're doing, and document information. Sometimes even more frequently
  • Invest time above you, below you, and with your peers. If you do that, chances are you're going to be very successful as an employee because you'll develop a 360 degree view of what's going on and you know you're going to be able to do something about it
  • Lastly, remember, you can't communicate enough as a senior leader

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