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Wisdom on the Camino – Kathleen Donnelly Israel pt 1
Episode 114919th September 2022 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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Wisdom on the Camino

Kathleen Donnelly Israel pt 1

“To walk in the footsteps of Jesus” is one of the highlights Christians claim when visit Israel. Some will just relish in the spiritual uplifting of knowing they are walking the grounds that Jesus walked. But then, there are those that enjoy “walking where the disciples walked.” And yes, there are places like that all over Israel and the surrounding nations. But one of the biggest challenges is known as the “Camino de Santiago” pilgrimage. Also known as the “Way of Saint James.” This walk can start at various points, but all end up in Santiago at the church that, tradition says, has the crypt of the Apostle James inside. It is said that James followed Christ’s order to “travel to the uttermost ends of the earth.” At the time of the Apostles, Spain was considered the “ends of the earth.”  So that is where James set out for. He ministered there and then, after receiving a vision, returned to Jerusalem where he was martyred in 44 AD.  Years later, his disciples traveled to Jerusalem and retrieved his body and took it back to Spain. That’s a brief and very brief introduction to what our guest will talking about today. Kathleen Donnelly Israel has lived in San Diego, California her entire life. She and her husband, Ron, were a team couple for “Worldwide Marriage Encounter” back in the 1970’s and 80’s. She personally cared for her husband for the 17 years he had Parkinson’s disease until he passed in 2018. During this time, she studied spiritual healing from many enlightened thought leaders and teachers. She then traveled the Camino Santiago de Compastela road for 500 miles in 2019. It inspired her to write a book detailing this journey titled, “Wisdom on the Camino, A Spiritual Journey Sharing Forgiveness and Possibilities to Inspire the Rest of Your Life.” She is here to share with us about her book, her journey and her philosophies about healing and forgiveness she learned and shared with the people she met along the way!  Praise God! First question I always start with is this.  Other than that brief information I just shared, can you tell us in your own words, “Who is Kathleen Donnelly Israel?” What made you desire to undergo such a grueling undertaking as a walk of this magnitude? I’ve seen some of the tourist packages being promoted for this pilgrimage. They start from various places and last anywhere from 3 or 5 days on up to 36 days or even more.  Some have distances of 100 miles or so, some 200 or 300. But you went on a 500 mile adventure!  Did you do this all at one time or did you make several trips to complete 500 miles? Did you travel with a companion or take the walk alone? Some of the paths are in remote areas. Were you concerned at all about being out there alone? What kind of training did you do to physically prepare for this type of adventure? Can you tell us about a couple of memorable experiences you had, maybe people you met or events that happened, while you were on this journey? What was it like when you finally reached your destination? Folks, a pilgrimage is a great way for someone, for YOU, to get closer to God, clear your mind, meditate on scriptures, endure some discomfort and – visit some very important, spiritually significant places for Christians.  You can use the links below to find out more information and to order your copy of Kathleen’s great book, “Wisdom on the Camino, A Spiritual Journey Sharing Forgiveness and Possibilities to Inspire the Rest of Your Life.” I encourage you order you copy today. Order two or more copies and give them away as gifts to bless and inspire someone as well. Amen!


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