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Being A Better Man - Alf Herigstad 5th August 2016
084 – Relationship Priorities
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084 – Relationship Priorities



So…it’s Friday.  Pretty happy about that, some pretty cool things have been happening lately.  In case you missed it, This podcast was featured in a video on HooplaHa, Yesterday, which was August 3rd if you are listening to this after the fact. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the folks over at HooplaHa for doing such a great job!  The video was professional and very well edited, and it got the point across I think.  They are helping spread the word about this podcast.  My only complaint is that in the video I look like some kind of ogre or something…but that’s not there fault.

What is HooplaHa you ask?  HooplaHa is an online news organization that does something no one else does…they only report good news!  Which is why they did a video about this podcast.

It might seem hard to believe in these crazy times we are living in, that there is an organization that only deals with good news…sounds like science fiction right?  But it’s true.  I recommend you go to their website and check them out, they are at hooplaha.com, I’ll post a link in the show notes too.

They have different categories, depending on what kind of good news you are in the mood for.  The categories are; family, heroes, causes, animals and wellness.  Stories that inspire, motivate and educate.

I am a huge fan of what they are doing over there, not just because they made this video…but because there is an extreme shortage of good news going around in the world today.  There are so many things happening that are accomplishing nothing except dividing people up into groups, and quite literally tearing the country and families apart in some cases.

We have Black lives matter, and the opponents of Black lives matter, and all the other little groups who have their own agenda that piggy back onto one of the bigger causes.  These things are dividing people.

We have the impending presidential election…if you want to call it that.  It seems more and more like a circus every day and as time goes on people are becoming galvanized for their candidate in a way I have never seen before.  It’s making people act in hateful, nasty ways towards one another on a scale that seems unprecedented…It’s really bringing out the worst in some people.

I for one, am getting sick of it all.  I find myself avoiding the mainstream news because when I see otherwise intelligent people behaving like stupid animals…it makes me angry, and sad. 

When I see everyday people suddenly become the enemy of people they were once friends with simply because they have a different opinion…it makes me angry, and sad.

In fact there are some people that I know quite well, they are relatives, they love each other.  All of these issues going on in the world have succeeded in driving a wedge between them simply because they have different opinions…or because their opinion was interpreted incorrectly on Facebook. 

I guess I just don’t understand why adult humans can’t disagree about something without people getting all crazy and emotional, and forgetting about the things that are really important.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  To me this behavior is just stupid.

So why does it happen?  Why can differences of opinion in politics, religion, or other social issues make people act unkindly towards those they love?  In my way of thinking, it all comes down to one word;  Priorities.

This might hurt some of you a little, but in my opinion the bottom line is that if your family is a priority, if your other relationships are a priority in your life, then that relationship or family member will be more important to you than some ideology or idea that you are committed to.

I have said many times here that the most important, valuable things we have as human beings are our relationships…yet, I see people these days tossing their relationships away over a difference of opinion.  What?  Am I crazy or does that not make any sense?

Here’s an example of another way.  Last weekend my wife and I took a long road trip to visit relatives.  Somewhere in the middle of the trip we began a discussion about a topic that we did not agree on.  It’s one of those volatile emotional topics that are in the news every day. 

Weird thing is…it didn’t turn into a fight.  We just talked about it from an intellectual position, we actually listened when the other person was talking.  We conceded points that made sense, we framed our arguments in a non-emotional, non-aggressive way and you know what?  It was amazing!  It was actually fun.  Because we were both being heard, we were both being respected, and it was an awesome conversation that lasted over an hour.

How were we able to pull that off?  I’ll tell you how, Our relationship is the priority.  That comes first, before the issue or topic, ahead of the need to be right.  Whatever the priority is will win folks, every time.  If you find your relationships falling apart because of these topics in the world today, you may want to re-evaluate what your priorities are.

Those people I was talking about earlier, that’s what they need to do.  Reevaluate their priorities and put family at the top of the list where it belongs and stop squabbling about crap that won’t even matter in the big picture, after the dust settles.  Family should always come first.

Look, I know it seems like the fate of the world is in the balance and these things are so important.  But take a look back through history, stuff like this happens, it has happened for as long as there have been humans.  Things become important and then they fade away, people are elected, time goes by and then other people are elected.  There are hard times and there are better times, but through it all the most important thing in your life should be your family and close relationships…because without them, what do you have?  Wouldn’t it be silly to lose a loved one over someone else’ idea?

I’m not just talking to men today, I’m talking to people, period.  My advice is to make your families and close relationships a priority over all the chaos in the world.  Do that, and you will be a better person than you were yesterday.

That’s it for today guys.  Thanks again to HooplaHa for a great video, don’t forget to check out their website at hoopla.com and give yourself a much needed dose of good news.

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