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Chain Restaurant Success Podcast - Jason Kveton 8th November 2018
001 Joe Koss – Culver’s
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001 Joe Koss – Culver’s

President and CEO of Culver’s, Joe Koss, shares his journey and takes us inside Culver’s.

Joe shares what he believes is the key to Culver’s incredible success in the QSR industry.

Culver’s began in Sauk City Wisconsin in 1984 and was founded by the Culver family.

At the time of this podcast Culver’s has over 675 units in 24 states with sales over $1 Billion.

Joe shares his career path and how he turned an accounting degree into becoming a CEO of a billion dollar brand.

Joe talks about how Culver’s is able to hire and retain top talent in the industry through a mentor program and he also shares that a large number of franchisees actually started as a team member in a local Culver’s.

Joe shares what he feels is the best ROI that anyone can get in a restaurant.

Culver’s is developing an APP for mobile ordering.

Joe shares what he sees as the biggest challenge facing the restaurant industry.

Joe shares his last meal request.