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The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide - Eric Payne EPISODE 7, 12th July 2020
That Joy and Pain — Those Soul Ties and Ho Cake

That Joy and Pain — Those Soul Ties and Ho Cake

Post-divorce trauma is real and it can show up in more than one place. Eric is not okay. Picking up where we left off at Episode 5, Episode 7: Joy and Pain — Soul Ties and Ho Cake packs a punch that hits:

  • Putting your ex-wife on Do Not Disturb
  • HBCUs
  • Creating a spreadsheet to evaluate prospective dates
  • Breaking soul ties
  • Experiencing joy
  • Being your own boss at someone else's job
  • The power of choice and the dangers that come with
  • The lies we tell ourselves to get through our pain and our days
  • and some great music from Temper

And someone from Season One reemerges with new energy (insert dramatic sound effect) before it's all over.

Info about the gray wolf via The National Wildlife Federation.



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