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Old Fox Young Fox - Old Fox Young Fox EPISODE 12, 25th May 2019
Connecting the dots on the Circular Economy with Peter Desmond
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Connecting the dots on the Circular Economy with Peter Desmond

Ask a 10 year old in today’s world, and they will tell you about climate change and how we all need to recycle. But we dig deeper to explore how businesses and communities could evolve beyond a produce, use and throw away economy - by adopting a circular approach.

We explore the concept of the Circular Economy with Peter Desmond, Strategic Advisor to both companies and communities seeking to adapt and survive in our ever changing world.

Topics covered include;

- What is the Circular Economy?

- How does it differ from our current Linear Economy?

- What can we learn from innovation in the Developing world?

- How is our world changing and what can we do about it?

- Practical advice for “treading lightly” on the planet

Links discussed;

- Circular Brighton & Hove

- Kiva.org Microlending site

About our guest

Peter Desmond is a Strategic Advisor to business and local government on the Circular Economy. With extensive experience working in the Developing world (particularly in South Africa), Peter draws on innovation spawned from necessity and applies learnings to tackling issues around sustainability, profitability and ethics.

Contacting our guest

Peter can be reached via LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/peterdesmondce/