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True Sisters.Treasured girlfriends.Timeless Friendships...Living with Victory in Mind | Ep 20
28th July 2021 • Victory in Mind • Waceke Wambaa
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Have you been around people who constantly party, celebrate who have no genuine reason to? Well today, a bona fide reason or two or three are here, ripe for celebratin’!

Here’s to the sisters, girlfriends and friends in our midst, to the priceless treasures they are! 

In today’s podcast we will share a couple of thoughts including a spotlight especially on the time period surrounding the creation of National Friendship Day. Strong parallels exist with this day's creation and with today's current volatile, unpredictable climate that we are experiencing in our cities, in our communities at large. 

Food for thought as we take this time to celebrate the truest, treasured timeless individuals in our midst. 

Happy listening!


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[00:01:36] Wooo hoo! National Sisters, National Girlfriends and National Friendship Days are just around the corner! Let’s recognize how we have lifted each other up and then some.

[00:03:17] Emotional triggers just by saying or thinking about the words that define these days. While most memories and emotions may be good, one must pause to recognize that there may and could be feelings of anger of pain. So much to unpack. Maybe yours and my starting point can be with intentional purpose in being someone who makes these National Sisters Day and National Friendship Day worth celebrating. 

[00:05:16] The Origin of National Friendship Day puts a lot into perspective especially in today’s volatile climate. Think about this. [00:08:07] A true sister goes beyond words, hierarchy of birth order or a direct blood connection. Let us take the time to let them know they are appreciated. 

[00:09:52] Conclusion with a Poem celebrating Sisterhood. 

[00:10:49] Outro music and voice over narration for the show Thank you so much for listening. Be sure that you subscribe to this podcast. That way you can automatically receive episodes and share the link. People share the link and the episodes with your social networks. You can go to our website for show notes as well as links to download and subscribe.Thanks for staying tuned to Victory in Mind. We appreciate you. I'm your host, Waceke Wambaa  thanking you for joining me on our podcast today. Remember you have a future. You have a hope.


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So here's to all you powerful, loving, compassionate, independent, irritating drama queen divas, sensitive, contagious laughing, aggravating, exasperating, take me as I am, love you forever sister, girlfriends and friends out there. This one is a celebration of you, all that you have been, all that you have done, all that you do and continue to do. Thank you for being you.


[00:01:36] Ladies, ladies, ladies, I hope you have on a celebratory outfit in place, for August first is your day! Hi, my name is Waceke Wambaa and I'm your host on today's episode of Victory in Mind. We are here today celebrating the fabulously fantastic sisters, girlfriends and friends in our midst. Not that we need an excuse to celebrate, [00:02:00] but with the year that we've had and then some, Hmm, can we just recognize how we have lifted each other up during this time, been pillars of support, ph-leeease people a round of support for all the ladies in the house.



[00:03:17] Now for a wee bit of background information. Although the origin of National Sisters Day is unknown and the origin of National Girlfriends Day is somewhat hazy, their intent and defining bond of togetherness of love is clearly highlighted just by stating the object of that day's celebration. Saying National Sisters Day and National Girlfriends Day, a wealth of emotions flood the mind and heart.


[00:04:44] Those are the flavors that make up the genuine friend, girlfriend. Doesn't life have a way of kissing or slapping our faces with the good, bad and ugly of humanity? Let us today celebrate the [00:05:00] good by focusing on those who have made this day worth celebrating, with intentional purpose to be someone who makes these National Sisters Day and National Friendship Day worth celebrating.


[00:06:07] Not only the visual images of ravaged cities, depleted stores and coffins dotting the landscape come to mind, I can only imagine the emotional baggage so many were having to deal with. So much pain, turmoil, broken communities and personal resources that must have been in short supply. It was questionable as to whether or not the world would actually be able to move on.


[00:07:21] That's what friendship says. I want to know you. Hangout, champion your successes. Stand by you when you falter. Talk truth into your situation, you know - shut you down when you're head trippin' or otherwise. I got you! I got you! Is the mantra of a friend. Because at the end of it all, when we have walked our life journey, there will come a point where all vanity will be stripped away and truth? Truth will remain. When it comes to friendships, isn't this what we're ultimately after: not the [00:08:00] shaded vanity, but that type of friendship that bolsters our souls.


Now, that's just next level. So to have a National Sisters Day... for those of you who have been blessed to have sisters or friends who became your sisters, who are the real deal. You know, they are beyond value in their presence in our hearts. Those are just amazing treasures, priceless treasures to have.


[00:09:10] I am forever grateful to have my sister to do life together with. For all those sisters, girlfriends, friends who have stood by you and I throughout our lives, let us take the time to let them know they are appreciated. Their input, however, welcomed or unwelcomed, irritating or otherwise, it is truly appreciated and needed to help us live out the lives we were created to live.


[00:09:52] When you think you're alone or when there is silence and the noise of life all around you, you think of the gift of [00:10:00] love. You think sisterhood.

When you think of popcorn and fun and of watching movies late into the night. When Pride and Prejudice is gleefully uttered by one, only sisterhood.

When there are frustrations with your man. When it seems no one else can understand, when you wonder who can lend you an ear, sisterhood.

So when I think of God's many blessings and there are many to pick and choose from. One of my favorite ones of all times, it's sisterhood.