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The Brooklyn Nets Failed Rebuild
Episode 36th November 2023 • Building Champions • HVSPN
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The Art of Building Championships 

The Brooklyn Nets failed to rebuild

Episode #3

You are listening to the Art of Building Championships podcast with your host Ethan Peck.

In this episode of the Art of Building Championships Podcast, we discuss The Brooklyn Nets and their failed rebuilds.

Segment 1: Free agency 

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined the Nets in free agency on big agent deals The first year with this new Kevin Durant was out with a season-ending injury with his aclhies tendent Kyrie Irving was hurt and there his first year in Brooklyn 

Segment 2: The Super team

The next year the Nets now had their full roster with their brand new duo. The Nets looked like a good team, but it didn’t really look like a championship roster Once James Harden was put on the trade block and was traded to the Nets for Jaret Allen and Caris Levert.

Segment 3: The beginning of the end

James Harden was traded to the 76ers for Ben Simmons Seth Curry and Andre Drummond. This would lead to KD and Kyrie both requesting trades soon after. At first, they tried to work it out and stay on the team but the following season they were both traded. Kevin Durant to the suns and kyrie to the mavericks 

Music Credits: Read All Over- Nathan Moore, Dream of River Ganga-Hanu Dixit.

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