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173: Lacey Pruitt | Overcoming 3x Colon Cancer to IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder
Episode 17325th April 2023 • Purpose Through Pain • Joseph James
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Lacey Pruitt is an IFBB Pro Female Bodybuilder who has survived cancer three times. In 2018, just 10 months after her 2nd cancer diagnosis, she began training hard and getting ready for competitions. Lacey says that her cancer was just part of her journey to get to the bigger stage in life. Lacey shares how she wrote her own story and didn’t let cancer become her whole identity. 

In this episode:

  • How Lacey overcame cancer three times and became a professional female bodybuilder. 
  • Lacey’s key mindset changes that took her from a cancer victim to a striving bodybuilder.
  • Creating her own story and being more than just “Lacey the sick girl”
  • How her support system got her through her cancer

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I wouldn’t change having cancer for a thing. It had made me who I am today. If I can help just one person, my life is fulfilled”
  • “Most people in our lives are looking for an opportunity to serve other people”
  • I didn’t view it as ‘I am a sick girl’. I didn’t allow that to happen. I wanted people to know me as Lacey, not the girl who has cancer. 
  • “This does not control who I am, this is just part of the journey to get to the bigger stage in life”

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