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On the Brighter Side - On the Brighter Side 7th September 2020
Greatest Day Mindset with Craig Smith
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Greatest Day Mindset with Craig Smith

Happy Labor Day! Today's episode is an interview with Greatest Day Mindset podcast host and licensed therapist, Craig Smith. He is actually interviewing me on all things sex and intimacy.

We talk about the importance of date night and flirting with your spouse as well as my book recommendations and how my husband and I deal with differences. This conversation is honest and candid and so much fun!

You can find Craig on Instagram @greatestdaymindset or his podcast on your favorite podcast listening app.

In today's episode, we talked about my free downloads, which you can find here: https://onthebrightersideofmarriage.com/text-messages or here: https://onthebrightersideofmarriage.com/51waysinitiate

You can register for the next Seduce Your Spouse Challenge which starts on September 21st here: https://onthebrightersideofmarriage.com/syschallenge