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Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard - Bruce Hilliard EPISODE 137, 15th May 2020
Hall of Fame Drummer Great Carmine Appice with Bruce Hilliard
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Hall of Fame Drummer Great Carmine Appice with Bruce Hilliard

Welcome to the Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show. I’m Bruce Hilliard and I’d like to take a second to remind you that today is the official release of my new EP Pawn Shop Boulevard.

You’re hearing the song Hold On is the background. The additional four songs are available to add to your playlists on about 20 different streaming platforms. I always refer people to Spotify because that’s the biggie.

It's free and easy. By going to Spotify and playing the songs, saving them to a playlist, or sharing, any kind of traffic will let them know we're serious about quality music.

Today’s guest is one of the most famous drummers of all time. He’s a teacher, a session player and known by probably more boomer recording artists than any other.

He’s played with Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Brian May of Queen, and was the drummer for Vanilla Fudge.

Please welcome the great Carmine Appice.

Carmine Appice (born December 15, 1946) is an American drummer and percussionist most commonly associated with the rock genre of music. He has received classical music training, and was influenced early-on by the work of jazz drummers Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. He is best known for his associations with Vanilla Fudge; Cactus; the power trio Beck, Bogert & Appice; Rod Stewart; King Kobra; and Blue Murder, which also featured John Sykes, of Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy fame, and Tony Franklin of The Firm. Appice was inducted into the Classic Drummer Hall of Fame in 2013 and the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 2014.

He is credited with influencing later rock drummers including Iron Maiden's Nicko McBrain, Aerosmith's Joey Kramer, Roger Taylor of Queen, Phil Collins of Genesis, Rush's Neil Peart, Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee, Slayer's Dave Lombardo, Richard Christy, Chris Grainger, David Kinkade, Ray Mehlbaum, Led Zeppelin's John Bonham, Ian Paice of Deep Purple, Anvil's Robb Reiner and Eric Singer of Kiss.

His best-selling drum instruction book The Realistic Rock Drum Method was first published in 1972 and has since been revised and republished as The Ultimate Realistic Rock Drum Method. It covers the basic subjects of rock rhythms and polyrhythms, linear rudiments and groupings, shuffle rhythms, hi-hat and double bass drum exercises.

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