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Pure Dog Talk - Laura Reeves 3rd February 2020
363 — Reactive Dogs: Learn their Language | Pure Dog Talk

363 — Reactive Dogs: Learn their Language | Pure Dog Talk

363 -- Reactive Dogs: Learn to Speak “Dog” for Better Outcomes | Pure Dog Talk


Distance increasing and distance decreasing body language


Hard, sharp barks, showing teeth are distance increasing


Hip check is friendly, shoulder check is not


Circle wags are good


Play bows are good


Avoid threshold to reaction for best results


Some dogs don’t want to put money where their mouth is


Has dog done damage to person/dog – makes a difference as to how to approach situation


Specifically reactive/non-aggressive – causes/solutions


98% of reactivity in this case is fear based


Many dogs learn best defense is a good offense – don’t have to get in interaction that makes them scared


Lack of early socialization or had negative experience or second fear stage around 9 months, can go sideways during teenage months


Can do all the right stuff in 0-16 wks and still have 2nd fear period. It’s a real thing and it happens


Go forward process


Don’t get after the dog -- we’re embarrassed, don’t want dog to act that way … all I successfully did was stress out dog, create more fear/anxiety… don’t know what to do. Give them things to do. Take away behavior you don’t like, replace with a better one. More time focused on what to do right, decreases stress level. Try to keep out of situations they aren’t ready for yet.


If you ask them to look away from what makes them scared, it is your responsibility to protect space bubble. Otherwise degrade trust. Listen to what the dog is telling you.


High value treats – every time we saw someone I jammed treats in mouth, jamming in between barking,


Why rewarding barking?


I’m counter conditioning


See someone and turn to look at me. Changed her emotional response to stimuli, every time she saw neighbor, meant she got a treat.


Drastically reduce # of treats


None of the barking


Applicable traveling to NYC


Test stress level -- over threshold if can’t eat


High traffic, lots of noise, lots of people


Planning going in to environment


Management – how to cut down stimulation, wheel in covered crate, CBD oil, melatonin – wind down for bed calming effect, lavender oil.. drop inside each ear flap, cover crate with blanket misted with lavender oil


Tools, not cures of the root problem. Use in conjunction with resolving core issue.


Breed specific behavior.