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Finding Work You Love
Episode 10717th August 2021 • Love In Your Life • Dolah Saleh
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When we can't identify the work of our dreams, it may be because we haven't been tuning in to ourselves. It may be that we haven't parents or authority figures to provide the kind of feedback that stimulates our unique interests and capabilities. And if we make it all the way to high school graduation without that kind of self-knowledge, perhaps it is better that we delay further formal education. Take that gap year and try to "figure it out."

Nevertheless, we can't waste the gap year. We must step in somewhere. We must act in our own best interest to discover ourselves and our place in the world of work by getting involved. Start small and just do it. The best that can happen is that you fall into a space and place that hints at something you enjoy. Then you take it further. You will inevitably land somewhere.

Our quote from Teddy Roosevelt reminds us that the credit doesn't go to he who hesitates and waits. It goes to he who moves and attempts a position and fails. The failures only inform him, not defeat him.

We love "The Man in the Arena" quote because it encourages and supports us to do what we are, even when we aren't exactly clear what that is. It affirms to us that although we may not be one of the "lucky ones" who simply know precisely what their role in life is, we get one step closer to our purpose each attempt we make to get in the arena.