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74: His near death experience - He was shown the truth about the people we look up to.
Episode 74 β€’ 11th February 2023 β€’ Hebrew Hits β€’ Jtribe Radio
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He died and came back to life.

πŸ’™ The first thing that I heard when I met Moshe Reuven Sheradsky was that he had 1.5 MILLION instagram followers. I looked at him and said β€œYou don’t look like the type of guy that has 1.5 million instagram followers.”

πŸ’™ The second thing I found out was that HE DIED. This experience led him to becoming frum. In this upcoming episode, Moshe will go into details on what he saw when he died. He will explain how he was able to see his family members crying and how he was able to see a different reality of the world we live in.

πŸ’™ His story is amazing. I don’t want to give too much away, but you will get the chills watching this episode. I will share one more thing that he talks about. Moshe says he was able to clearly see that GOD was giving him a choice. Tune in to find out what that choice was!

πŸ’™ I look forward to sharing this new episode with you on Hebrew Hits on Motzei Shabbos!! Stay tuned!

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