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150: How to Communicate Effectively without Saying a Word with David Meltzer
27th February 2019 • Can I Pick Your Brain? • Daniel Gefen
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David Meltzer started out with nothing and became a millionaire just 9 months out of law school and a multimillionaire by the age of 32 but lost it all and had to start from scratch.

Today he’s the co founder of Sports 1 – the most notable sports marketing firm in the world, 2 time bestselling author and host of the top 5 ranked podcast ‘The Playbook’

He was named the top 100 business coaches in the world and both Forbes and Entrepreneur named him one of the top keynote speakers on the planet.


  • How to be productive in your sleep
  • How to handle ANY situation by getting back to your center
  • How to take conscious action
  • How to guard your most precious asset, time
  • How to be selfish so you can be more selfless
  • How to become a master communicator without saying a word
  • Why losing everything was the best thing to happen to him

And MUCH MUCH more ..

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