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Top 3 Baseball Players
Episode 220th October 2023 • Top 3 Network • HVSPN
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So last episode we talked about the top 3 baseball stadiums. But, today we are going to be talking about a more relevant topic which is the top 3 baseball players. This is most likely the biggest part of baseball as they literally make the game. So, obviously, we thought we needed to talk about it. So, today Luke and Logan will be ranking their top 3 players each, and again, they will be trying to persuade me and you on their favorite players as I will be ranking them in the end.

 Matt Olson (Atlanta Braves, First Base, led the league with 54 home runs and 139 RBIs batting average was 21st in the league at .283) 

Mike Trout - angels CF In his career 1624 hits, 368 HR, .301 batting average, 1106 runs, 940 RBIś, 206 stolen bases, 

Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta Braves, Right Field, led the league with 73 stolen bases, had the second-best batting average at .337, 5th highest amount of home runs at 41 and 106 RBIs)

Aaron Judge -(Yankees of) (8th season, started playing for Yankees 2016) (holds the MLB record for most HRs in a season with 62 HRs, beat Roger Marisś HR record of 61 from 1961) (614 R, 846 H, 572 RBI, entered 2023 with 220 HRs)

Shohei Ohtani (Los Angeles Angels, TWP, 4th in the league in home runs at 44 and 95 RBIs, 10th in the league with a batting average of .304)

Shohei Ohtani - (in his regular season he has 167 strikeouts this season and 608 Strikeouts in his career)

Honorable Mention: Spencer Strider (Atlanta Braves, Starting Pitcher, led the league with 20 regular season wins and 281 strikeouts) 

Danyal ranks his top 3 best current baseball players based off of Luke and Logans explanations

1.Shohei Ohtani(So, logan was talking about how he is a great pitcher and luke was talking about his stats of being a great batter. And he is the only pitcher who also bats in the mlb and he’s insane at Both of them.)

2. Aaron Judge(The way he was talked about, he has an amazing arm. He holds the record for the most home runs in a single season so i think thats a main reason that makes him so great)

3.Ronald acuna jr.`Out of the 5 players that were talked about today, in my opinion, he is a great option not to be the best but at least at the thrd spot. like luke said he broke the braves all time record with 73 stolen bases and like luke said, he had the second best batting average in this past season.





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