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LinkedIn: Unlocking Opportunities for Career Advancement, Personal Development and Business Growth
Episode 3316th July 2023 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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Paa Kwesi Folson explores optimising Linkedin profiles & why Ghanaians should be using the platform to build meaningful connections and for personal development. The platform is to be taken advantage of whilst it's still hot!

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About Paa Kwesi Folson

Paa Kwesi Folson, is an Accra based keynote speaker, leadership coach, and personal development coach. With a strong background in marketing and management consulting, Paa Kwesi is passionate about helping individuals achieve their full potential and become optimised versions of themselves in Ghana. Driven by his desire to make a positive impact, Paa Kwesi is dedicated to assisting others in surpassing their previous accomplishments. He firmly believes that any opportunity which fosters personal growth and aids individuals in surpassing their limitations is worth pursuing. Aside from his professional endeavours, Paa Kwesi possesses a calm and composed nature which resonates with those who encounter him. Additionally, he has a secret love for fashion, a fact that often surprises people who are unfamiliar with this side of his personality. 





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