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Bring Your Product Ideas to Life - Vicki Weinberg EPISODE 64, 4th June 2021
How to sell on Etsy – with Anna Panteli, Anna’s Planners
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How to sell on Etsy – with Anna Panteli, Anna’s Planners

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Handmade businesses - this is the episode for you!

Anna Panteli is an Etsy expert with loads to share!

Listen in to hear Anna share:

  • An introduction to herself, her business and background (1:19)
  • How and why she started selling on Etsy - and why she’s temporarily closed one of her 4 shops! (2:40)
  • How she keeps up with the making (8:00)
  • Her main learnings about Etsy over the past few years (10:28)
  • How and why she made the transition to helping other Etsy sellers, alongside managing her own shops (14:32)
  • The planners she’s created to help Etsy sellers stay organised (17:48)
  • Her tips for getting off to a good start on Etsy (23:46)
  • Her view on whether you need your own website as well as an Etsy shop (28:25)
  • The importance of using social media to drive traffic (32:05)
  • Why you might need more than one Etsy shop if you sell items targeting different customers (35:27)
  • All about Etsy ads (38:14)
  • Her number one piece of advice for Etsy sellers (42:48)


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