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Building Optimal Radio - Jared Gossett 26th December 2019
#47: Selling Your Why
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#47: Selling Your Why

David Lupberger of remodelforce.com is back ONE MORE TIME to show us how to win more clients and build a remarkable brand by selling our “why.” In a commodity-like business such as building, finding your metaphorical moat to differentiate you from your competitors is a must.

David is a speaker, author, and consultant on the national stage. He has some wonderful programs, so be sure to check him out online.

This episode is brought to you by our own personal insurance agent and broker, Treacy Duerfeldt of NWC Alliance and Doug Lynch of Brookstone Insurance. Liability insurance is a dangerous place where you can easily fall victim to bad coverage or bad agents. That’s why we switched to Doug and Treacy. Check them out and make an informed decision on your liability coverage. Enjoy the episode!

Show Notes:

[4:00] - An intro to the concept of selling your why.

[7:50] - What is the process to determine your “why?"

[16:50] - How can a builder use this to truly stand out?

[24:28] - The need for giving clients a “leave-behind.”

[27:30] - The best place to go to learn more about David’s programs.