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Firefighters, Gut Health, the Health Fix Podcast with Dr. Jannine Krause
Episode 32312th March 2020 • LIVETHEFUEL • Scott W. Mulvaney
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Discussing Colorado, gut health, firefighters, wellness, and more:

Dr. Krause is a doctor of naturopathic medicine, an acupuncturist and podcast host dedicated to empowering people to take charge of their own health. Her unique approach is simplifying natural medicine and healthy habit formation.

My Favorite Quote This Week:

"I just googled my symptoms and it turns out I need acupuncture".

She believes that health starts with what we eat, how we move and how well we manage stress. She wants to help prevent little health issues from becoming big ones down the road. She's committed to slowing down the aging process and wants to help others with this too. There’s a lot of health information available out there, and she's here to help people focus on what’s important and sustainable for them.


Top 3 Hot Point Takeaways:

  1. Antibiotics and Probiotics in relation to Gut Health.
  2. Medical vs Naturopathic vs Functional Medicine.
  3. Write down your systems and pay attention to them.


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Timestamped Show Notes:

00:30: Introduction

10:00: I started rock climbing this year and I thought that was a good idea. I decided that that would be part of my getting older and mobility. I love it because I was doing CrossFit too.

20:00: So it's just strategic looking when someone is doing dry needling. They're going after the trigger point in the muscle. So they're going to take that needle, and they're going to go directly for the trigger point. It's not an acupuncture point, let's put it this way, some acupuncture points happen to be trigger points, but typically they're not acupuncture points.

34:00: If you legit know something's wrong and none of your tricks are working, I usually would say it's time to go talk to somebody. It doesn't matter how tough of a guy you are, I know, I fight with the firefighters too. I see this in my practice, I'm like, I don't care. I'm not gonna make fun of you. You've got to pay attention to science because if you blow it off too long, it's gonna be a big problem. That's what I do, I try to save people from the big problems that come up.

40:00: The top of antibiotics can be sensitive. My sister in law is on a really hardcore antibiotic right now. I know most people go into the grocery store and are making the guessing game on their probiotics. You should take something while you're on the antibiotic because you're just thrashing your gut bacteria and that is ravaging that.

50:00: For folks listening out there, medical doctors can be functional medicine focused too. I think for a lot of people, we get a little confusion in terms of our medical doctors vs functional medicine doctors. Naturopaths can also be functional medicine doctors and actually, we can be both. It's just additional education. 

54:00: Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

The two best things that I'd like to have folks hear and no matter whether they're my patients or anyone listening to your podcast, or my podcasts, anyone out there in the world paying attention to the little things, little symptoms that show up that are nagging you day in, day out... Write them suckers down and pay attention a little bit to when they're happening. Then either if you're not comfortable with the MD, find a naturopath, find a functional medicine doc or naturopath and ask questions. Why am I having these symptoms, investigate it further? I'm a fan of Google doctoring. 


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