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THA 145: The Extreme Value of Shop Tours Part 2
14th November 2019 • Town Hall Academy • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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In the photo, left to right: John Long, Frank Scandura, Jennifer Wiens, Vic Tarasik, Jeannie and David Light, Jammie and Eric Carlson, Carm Capriotto

You’ll learn the value of shop tours from this Remarkable Panel:

  • Our host, Jennifer Wien, Ted Wiens Tire and Auto, Host, Las Vegas, NV
  • John Long, Shertz Automotive, Shertz, TX
  • David and Jeannie Light
  • Eric and Jammie Carlson, Ervine’s Auto Repair and Grand Rapids Hybrid
  • Frank Scandura, Franks European, Las Vegas. 
  • Vic Tarasik, Shop Owner and Coach. Vic’s Previous Episodes HERE.


Key Talking Points

  • Take care of our business so we can take care of you
  • We are too close to see what is wrong or out of place or even not working
  • R & D does not mean Research and Development it means RIP-OFF AND DUPLICATE
    • Some of your best ideas will come from peers. Make them your own and design them to fit your world
  • Best way to participate in shop tour is via a twenty-group
  • Shop tours can provide you good constructive criticism that great opportunities for change
  • Some shop tours will have you interview their people to gain knowledge for the owner who is hosting the tour
  • When you do a tour you can provide
  • Jennifer Wiens discovered, on a shop tour, a baby changing table. She implemented.
  • When you travel consider calling ahead and asking a shop owner if you could stop by and get a shop tour
  • John Long has had 30 shop owners at his shop this year so far
  • Learn from the observations of ideas of others
  • Top three strategies to improve your company
    • Coaching
    • Twenty-Group (networking group)
    • Shop Tours
  • Components of Shop Tours an Excellent Peer Review
    • Repair Order Review/Audit
    • Employee Interviews
      • Amazing discovery for the shop owner
      • The premise is to make the company better
      • The owner picks the people in advance and tells them we are looking for way to improve the company. A casual talk. Some people do not want to talk to their bosses
      • Ask about expectations, if they like working there, know about the process, do you have the opportunity in the company, what things would you change
    • Work Flow (shop)
    • Curb Appeal
    • Show Room
    • Vehicle Re-Inspection
  • Bring your power of observation to every shop tour
  • An outcome of doing shop tours can be the improvement of your facility by learning from others. It can be remodeling, process improvement, additional bays, different software and marketing ideas to grow the business
    • Invest in your appearance


  • A special thanks to Jennifer Wien, John Long, Frank Scandura, Vic Tarasik, David and Jeanie Light, and Eric and Jammie Carlson for their contribution to the aftermarket.
  • Shop Tours Part One HERE.
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