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021: Podcast piracy–a take over by the seadog, Travis Loop, who interviews the H2duO
Episode 2117th September 2018 • Water In Real Life • The H2duO
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Water In Real Life co-hosts, The H2duO, aka Stephanie Zavala and Arianne Shipley, have received many questions from listeners about who they are, their relationship and their business, Rogue Water. During a recording of the Water Nerd’s Guide to Happy Hour episode, their pod was pirated by none other than the scallywag, Travis Loop. Blimey!! As a podcast host himself, the privateer (pirates who are sponsored by the government #fitting) took over as captain and made the duo walk the plank aka answer his questions. Note: this was recorded during a live happy hour–we suggest you listen with your favorite happy hour beverage as well. ARRR!!

Top Takeaways:

  1. We break down ‘who is who’… Rogue Water, a consulting company, and the H2duO is our nicknames “water girls” and “dynamic duo” combined. Plus it’s easier to say (and less Twitter characters) than Stephanie Zavala and Arianne Shipley.  
  2. The H2duO is to Rogue Water as Steve Jobs is to Apple. The best of friends lift each other up. Our relationship works because we’re very yin-yang, we learn from each other personally and professionally.
  3. Stephanie reached out to Erin Brockovich about changing the utility communication game. Ms. Brockovich responded…
  4. Embrace the haters. Let the haters fuel you. The greatest revenge is to continue the hustle and be the best we can be.

“Over time, I’ve matured or grown but am I gonna say that they never bother me, and they never upset me? But that’s what Jay-Z and whiskey are for.” –Stephanie Zavala


Rogue Water, the H2duO’s public communication consulting company that helps

Open Letter to Erin Brockovich by Rogue Water

Dirt Off Your Shoulder by Jay-Z


Master Meter Inc delivers game-changing results for you across Finance, Customer Service, and Utility Operations. They offer an array of products to meet your utility’s needs. Check out their free ebook on financing smart water solutions here.

Show notes:

[6:40] Who are the H2duO?

[] The story of how Rogue Water was born on a napkin.

[14:10] Our role. How do we control this two-headed monster?

[23:20] That time we talked for Erin Brockovich for 90 minutes

[25:00] The infamous Rogue Water Open Letter to Erin Brockovich blog

[32:25] Arianne talks raising livestock in Texas and that water connection

[38:15] Travis asks “What the deal with Texas?” and we talk water issues in Texas

[43:40] Haters gonna hate.

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