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How to Make Money as an Artist and Creator – Audio Article
23rd May 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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You’re probably here because you’re wondering how to make money as an artist. If you’ve always been told that “you can’t make money as an artist”, take heart. It’s not true.

You can join the ranks of the many who are… if you’re serious about your art.

The fact that there are thousands of successful artists today, earning a full or part-time living from their art is a testament to what’s possible.

Not only is it possible to make money as an artist and creator, it’s more possible today than ever in the history of the world.

The reason the iCreateDaily slogan is: For creators serious about their work, is because that’s what it will take for you to make money as an artist, writer, musician, dancer, product developer, ecommerce seller, online and off-line retail.