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298. Clear, Engaging, Persuasive Communication with Laurie Gilbertson
Episode 29810th January 2022 • The Law Entrepreneur • Neil Tyra
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Starting your own practice isn’t something they teach in law school. Join me as I sit down with legal professionals to hear firsthand accounts of just how they did it.  

Today, my guest is Laurie Gilbertson. Laurie has a very interesting career. She started off as a district attorney in the Queens County, New York office. From there she transitioned to being a fixture on Court TV along with other New York media outlets commenting on cases in the news and developing her communication skills and honing that skill set to the point where she was able to provide counseling and training to help attorneys develop those skills. Now she's started her own practice, called Tribeca Blue Consulting, that provides training and education to attorneys and other professional services on the nuances and importance of communication, particularly as a form of leadership.


In this episode, Neil and Laurie discuss:

  • The theater of communication. 
  • Honing your public speaking and other communication skills. 
  • Refining your skill sets in places other than the courtroom. 
  • Communication in building your solo firm. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Preparation and self awareness is what really makes communication shine.
  • Lawyers, overall, are often resistant to change. We need to open ourselves up to learn.
  • Learning is a mindset change. The best lawyers are those who are open to it. 
  • When giving any presentation, you’ve got to know what's going to come out of your mouth in the first 30 seconds.
  • Be more interested than interesting.


"Communication is really all about connection. It's about getting out of your own head and getting into the perspective of your audience, whether it's your client, a colleague, a jury, judge, television audience, or a podcast audience, it's all about that." —  Laurie Gilbertson

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