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Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo - Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo 8th March 2020
Ep.141 Why Age Is In The Mind & Not In The Heart, with Sanjay Rawal
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Ep.141 Why Age Is In The Mind & Not In The Heart, with Sanjay Rawal

When you learn from great leaders in the world and inspiring mentors, one thing in common is that they take elements of many different philosophies and weave them into their own beliefs and practices, which is what contributes to their “success” and their own great philosophies! 

Sanjay Rawal is an Indian American award winning documentary film director who lives in New York City.

He’s a deeply connected, spiritual and philosophical being and extremely passionate about his work. 

His most recent film “3100: Run and Become” highlights the transcendence capabilities through running and dives into ancient, indigenous philosophies of flow state and performance.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Sanjay’s mentor who at 73 years old blew weight lifting beliefs out the window through his superhuman feats.
  • We discuss why age is in the mind and not in the heart
  • How outer power can come from inner peace
  • How to eradicate fear and doubt
  • Indigenous philosophies and how we can all learn an abundance of value from them! 
  • How and why humans are participating in a running event of 3100miles. Which is 4,989km!!!
  • We dive into the film Sanjay has directed called “3100: Run and become” and we discuss what the learnings are for EVERYONE on the planet, regardless of whether you love or hate running. And some of those key themes are around flow state, performance in all elements of your life and YOU achieving what’s even BEYOND comprehension!!!! 
  • Sanjay gives us some challenges to implement into our own running to help us go beyond our current beliefs of what's achievable and explains the philosophy of running for transformation.

Follow Sanjay and his films online:

Instagram - @sanjayrawal

3100film.com and @ 3100film on instagram and facebook. 

"Challenging Impossibility" film: https://vimeo.com/41396325

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