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Soul-Inspired-Leadership - Ross Swan and Antoinette Biehlmeier 3rd February 2020
Leadership Unplugged…Authenticity
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Leadership Unplugged…Authenticity

Authenticity is spot on.

There's a lot of talk about authenticity. Especially in leadership.

There are scenarios where a leader behaves badly and puts it down to his or her true self.

There's a difference between being authentic and being one's true self. 

Then one says I need to be myself because I've heard about authenticity and read about it and as a leader, I need to be just who I am, that’s thinking from the head.

Coaching helps one understand that authenticity is a continuous connectivity between the head, the heart and soul. Understanding that makes one view authenticity differently.

When your heart, soul and inner self are connected you’ll always have good thoughts.

When you stay or keep yourself connected from within, you'll always lead from what your true feelings are.

That’s the true self. The real and authentic you.

A very important part of being one’s true self is that of being conscious of your impact on others. Keeping in touch with one's feelings enables one to understand other people's feelings.

Authenticity is about having the perspective of seeing what people see and feel when one is one's true self.

It’s all about feeling it not thinking it.