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Eternal Entrepreneur—Equipping Christian Businesses - Joe Newton, Pierce Brantley — Christian Business Leaders, Kingdom Entrepreneurs EPISODE 54, 16th July 2021
Kyla Martin—Find Courage and Start Your Entrepreneur Journey
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Kyla Martin—Find Courage and Start Your Entrepreneur Journey

Ready to leave your day job, say goodbye to corporate America, and discover a life full of fulfilling entrepreneurship with God? Meet Kyla Martin. Kyla is a Career Coach. She teaches people how to use their brain to achieve the life of their dreams through Kingdom business and the entrepreneurship journey. This includes uncovering your purpose while peacefully charting an action plan to pursue your flexible, freedom-based, dream life.

Kyla believes you already possesses what you need to create the life of your dreams. Using simple language, she teaches you how to access it by:

1. Uncovering your career "zone of genus."

2. Understanding and navigating the fear and belief systems holding you back.

3. Creating an action and accountability plan to go get your dream career.

This episode covers the topics of starting a business, discovering your gifting, hacking your brain, courage, Holy Spirit, and building a dream life in business.

Resources from the show:

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young


The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


The Creators Code by Amy Wilkinson