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Thriving on Purpose Podcast - Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard 25th February 2020
Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Many Entrepreneurs get paralyzed by the Fear of Failure in their Business


Whether they fear failure just for what it is, or whether they fear failure because of what others might say or think of them if they do fail - the fear is no less real.


But what is the best way to overcome the fear of failure? And what about everything we hear about failure being your friend or embracing failure? Is there any substance to this philosophy?


In this episode, we consider the fear of failure, how to overcome it, and the messed up views and thoughts that surround failure. As you will see, it’s one thing to fail and see failure as a stepping stone, but it’s quite another to expect to fail and to see failure as a necessity.


In the end, you too will believe that while failing is normal… it doesn’t make you a failure.


Are you ready? Let’s dig deeper!


In this episode you will:

-Be given an almost fool-proof recipe against the fear of failure

-Learn the two extreme tendencies concerning failure

-Understand how pride goes before the fear of failure

-Learn what is the one failure you must avoid at all cost




Memorable Quotes:


“Just because you fail doesn’t make you a failure.” -Sebastien Richard


“In order to overcome the fear of failure, you must overcome your own pride.”


“I remember my younger days growing up, it wasn’t uncommon for me to hear the expression: Failure is not an option. And I also remember who used to say these words. These words were usually said by winners.”


“How will children get an adequate measure of themselves if they can’t really measure themselves against others?”


“Those who hate to lose win more often than those who like to win.”

-Sebastien Richard


“By repeating to people that it’s okay to fail, that failure is normal, we take away the necessary stigma associated with failure.”


“It’s not over until I win.” - Les Brown


“Will you fail? Most probably. Is it normal, Yes. Should you expect it? NO!!! That’s how losing is done!”


“The one failure in life you want to avoid at all cost is the failure to act on what God asks of you.” -Sebastien Richard




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